Lantery uses high precision and productivity, latest generation CMS equipment:

3-4-5 Ton Return Bender Machine

3 Ring Assembly Machine

Manifold Drilling N.C. Machine

Flat End Closer Tube Machine

P2 Fin-Line Presses

CNC Punching Machine

Powered Hairpin Bender


Tube Straightener and Cut - Off - Length Line Machine

Quality Control

Lantery’s system of inspecting and identifying final product ready to be shipped to the client has been specifically designed around the concept of making sure the product is “correct the first time, every time” and delivered as per the promised date. Lantery is continually adjusting the mechanism of this system to maintain this concept product supplied to the client is “correct the first time, every time”.

Lantery depends heavily on a bar code system to facilitate the identification and tracking of product during the fabrication process, inspection process and process of releasing product to the client. Furthermore, Lantery provides this bar code information to the client to facilitate the client’s receiving, identification and integration into the client’s manufacturing system.

Additional, this bar code system is used by Lantery as means of identifying any field problems and what would have caused those problems within the Lantery fabrication process. Lantery uses a pressurization system with Test Tank to randomly sample finished components for possible leaks.


The package development and final product labeling is developed based on the client’s specification as well as the extensive experience of the Lantery Engineers. This ensures when the product arrives at the client’s facility, the product can be easily and quickly identified and integrated into the clients manufacturing process.

CMS Equipment – Construzione Macchine Speciali / Italy

C.M.S. offers the most complete and comprehensive range of machines designed to optimize each stage of production of any type of heat exchanger. We are CMS exclusive representatives for Latin America, including after-sale service and technical assistance.

The components manufactured by Lantery are produced using CMS Italian equipment which gives Lantery high productivity and precision in all products. Click here to contact us or send an e-mail to or trough the CMS site