Lantery believes that sustainability is only achieved when the company management is personally involved to instill this practice at all company levels.

In an effort to implemente this atribute in the Lantery company, Lantery obeys the principals of the 3R’s: Reduce, Reutilize and Recycle.

To exemplify one of these policies, where Lantery requires the use of water in the manufacturing process, Lantery collects rainwater in a cistern for this purpose.

After this rainwater is utilized in the manufacturing process, which also includes 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions, the wastes are gathered, processed and sent to an authorized treatment facility for proper disposal.

CMS Equipment – Construzione Macchine Speciali / Italy

C.M.S. offers the most complete and comprehensive range of machines designed to optimize each stage of production of any type of heat exchanger. We are CMS exclusive representatives for Latin America, including after-sale service and technical assistance.

The components manufactured by Lantery are produced using CMS Italian equipment which gives Lantery high productivity and precision in all products. Click here to contact us or send an e-mail to or trough the CMS site