Lantery’s manifolds are produced in CNC equipment, with less than 0,1mm tolerance, granting precision and quality in the final assembly of the heat exchangers.

Lantery uses a precision Flow Drill type product (also produced by CMS) to produce headers with perfect hole alignment and precise formation of collars. This allows better penetration of solder upon brazing of the coil stubs in the header assembly.

The CMS end forming process used by Lantery provides a flat or slightly convex closure which avoids drain or weld plugs and provides a uniform and highly precise end closure for the headers.


CMS Equipment – Construzione Macchine Speciali / Italy

C.M.S. offers the most complete and comprehensive range of machines designed to optimize each stage of production of any type of heat exchanger. We are CMS exclusive representatives for Latin America, including after-sale service and technical assistance.

The components manufactured by Lantery are produced using CMS Italian equipment which gives Lantery high productivity and precision in all products. Click here to contact us or send an e-mail to or trough the CMS site